PUMA and Kristine Engeset relaunch the PUMA Running campaign.

PUMA Kristine Engeset

I’m taking the torch from SbB, who introduced me to the lovely Kristine Engeset. Kristine is a 19-year old Scandinavian middle-distance runner that’s also one of the focal points for Puma’s recently-launched PUMA Running campaign. She was a silver medalist in the 3000-meter steeplechase at last year’s Junior Championship, meaning she has talent to go along with her natural beauty, not to mention a six-pack many women would die for (hell, men too).

Her immediate goal is to compete in the upcoming Summer Olympics, although, being a distance runner, she might need a surgical mask and a filter to breath correctly. As for us, our immediate goal is to bring you some awesome pictures of the smoking runner and so we will. (thanks chris). Somehow I feel the way these images are being fronted off in the media is like – when we hit “Britney On More Time” that innocent look but yet so seductive hahaha! – – –

You know – when I first saw a video of Kristine presenting the student award @ The PUMA Runaway fashion show in London I knew something was up! She was with Jochen and I just knew something was up! So now I made the connection on how things work out for this young fox and posted an “unreleased video” :)


PUMA Kristine Engeset

She make an APPEARANCE

PUMA Kristine Engeset
PUMA Kristine Engeset


PUMA Kristine Engeset

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