Email Marketing Made Easy


There are many ways to market ourselves via newsletter and many strategies depending on the audience you want to reach. Here are some suggestions on how you can streamline your e-mail marketing.

Customer Reviews give greater credibility

Many consumers are now seeking product reviews based on previous customer reviews. By integrating customer reviews of your mailings appear to you as a more credible and convincing. To build up a useful database of customer reviews so you can automatically, one to two weeks after the purchase, send a request to review the current customer.

In emails which are customized based on the customer’s interest profile and purchase history, customer reviews are an excellent compliment to make the message more interesting and compelling. By rewarding customers who writes reviews the reviewer feel important. The customer writes new product trial and build up loyalty. A satisfied customer who is also an active reviewer spread your message further. With many satisfied customers, you build up an army of consumers who work for you, strengthen your brand and¬†create more brand awareness.

Get closer to the customer with social networks

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have created new challenges for the marketer. Four out of ten users gather product information and recommendations in these networks before making a purchase.

Optimize emails by location

An e-mail message can be easily lost among the others in the mailbox. With new technology like “Send Time Optimization” makes it possible to send your e-mail at the best time, regardless of where in the world the recipient is located. The program continuously analyzes your recipient’s computer habits and determine when it is optimal to send your e-mail. By allowing the program to adjust the time of the mailing, you can improve your click-rate (the number of clicks you get on your website or digital newsletters ) by up to 10 percent.

Customize the message according to target audience

Man priorities change constantly. Something that is interesting for the single life might be at most uninteresting when you started a family. To send the same email to everyone no matter what stage of life they are undergoing is simple. Sending personal e-mail based on the recipient’s life situation requires an effort. Through personal e-mail client gives you a customized offer. Try to adjust your offerings to various family man, teenage girl, new customers, committed customers, as well as to customers that you notice begins to lose interest. If you manage to deliver personalized e-mails, the benefits are significant.

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