Guerrilla Marketing 101


Guerrilla marketing or guerrilla advertising is the fun, eye-catching and creative way to promote products, services and brands of. Marketing shape has become popular in many different types of businesses, especially for small businesses. The reason is that guerrilla marketing is all about creativity and not about money.

The objective of guerrilla marketing

To create an unexpected marketing stunt. To achieve this, of course, you need budget. But, it is more important to show creativity and imagination. For creative marketing really is something for those who have little money – but very imaginative.

The primary purpose of guerrilla marketing is to create conversations around the brand. It is important to stand out and to draw attention in a quirky and creative way, not by huge posters.


Nikon Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing has been shown to be more effective than traditional marketing. A study from the Business School shows that the more modern and creative marketing is clearly better at creating positive image of the company and the brand and the desire to buy will be stronger for such marketing. Guerrilla advertising is perceived, not least as more credible, entertaining and surprising, just like good advertising should do.

For there will be those who work with this type of advertising who knows that it is many times cheaper than conventional marketing. But, sometimes the message doesn’t come out clear.  So there are few arguments to continue with the usual advertising, when it can do so much more.

To stand out from the crowd

A truly effective marketing comes from the efforts of both being seen and felt. In guerrilla marketing, emphasis is on activity and the unexpected. People who wear a certain outfit and represent the company at various events can be one thing, little notes handed out with something written on odd and alluding to the company may be different. A third popular way is to bring in advertising where it is not expected – on the toilet seat, to a floor drain or on a bicycle saddle.


Many of us remember the unexpected, hilarious and that alludes to the taboo. It is important not to go over the limit. However, we think almost all of the little one’s struggle against the big.  Your business can play, for example at the personal and local versus international, and abstract.

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